the bodega

Though derived from the same Spanish word, bodega means slightly different things to Filipinos and New Yorkers. To the former it’s a storage room or warehouse, and to the latter it’s a tiny neighborhood store where you can find all sort of odds and ends. Fitting, then, that mine would be a mix of both.

This is where I sell various random items that I amass over the course of my gallivants. Maybe a photo book I have a few extra copies of, maybe an interesting item I picked up while traveling, maybe just a cool one-of-a-kind item I’m hoping to find a good home for. Whatever it is, though, you can rest assured it’ll be unique and it’ll be cool.

Check back from time to time — the inventory is always changing!

Double-Sided Camino de Santiago Poster
The New York Freeharmonic
A Long Walk to the Sea