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corfu hustle

19 October 2018 — 28 October 2018

The least-researched of my thru-hikes, I had chose the Corfu Trail almost entirely for its climate and campability, and gave it little more thought than that. After the Camino and the Scottish Ways proved to be easier than anticipated, I hopped off to Greece with not much more than a trail map PDF and offline Google Voice language pack.

Because I had no real knowledge of the trail beforehand, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t expect the island to be as empty as it was in the off-season, my path crossing with only two other hikers in as many weeks. I didn’t expect it to remind me more of the Philippines than of the glamorous Mediterranean. Nor did I expect to be so full of strays — many of them breed dogs — set loose by owners that could no longer afford them.

And I certainly didn’t expect one of them to follow me home..