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luzvi miniloop

30 Aug 2016 — 06 Oct 2016

I dove into motorcycles pretty much the same way I dove into hiking: head first, in the deep end, without much experience.

I took my first moto road trip, from San Francisco to LA and back, within two months of learning to ride. Then, after a few months of scattered riding around the (relatively) safe and orderly byways of the US, I moved back to the Philippines and threw myself into the Fury Road (WITNESS ME) that is daily life there.

It should be no surprise, then, that not four months later I decided to hit the road for a two-week* solo road trip around the Philippines, visiting places I’d never been to before.

The trip ended a little early and was admittedly not the full Philippine Road Trip I hope to do one day, but it was an amazing “teaser” and it taught me so much that I never would’ve learned otherwise.


* One week up, one week down, with a two-week layover in Manila