CLICK HERE for road logs and more photos from the hike
The financial crisis hit Greece hard; there were abandoned powerboats everywhere
Olive Grove Sunset
Roadside Assistance
Caged pups were a sadly more common sight than I’d have liked
One of many beach bonfire shanties seen on the hike
Spotted near the beach; even Antifa need to holiday
With both the tourist and harvest seasons over, I saw almost no one outside of towns on the ten-day hike
The happiest little truck
So, so, so many dogs along the hike
Note the photos on every headstone — Greek memorials don’t mess around
A delivery “truck” in Giannades; I love everything about it
Paleokastritsa Harbor sure is pretty
Old Mediterranean grandmas will never not make great photos
Won't you ride my tragic bus
The Communist Party of Greece office could use a new coat of paint
A roadside shrine on Pantokrator Mountain, Corfu’s highest peak
Foggy mountaintops may not offer the best views, but they get an A++ in atmosphere
To be fair, when a face like that follows you home, how can you not let it in?