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The first of many picnic tables strewn about the country at various vista points
I will never, ever get tired of seeing horses in the wild
Iceland is completely littered with waterfalls, though few as massive or impressive as Gulfoss
The Sólheimasandur plane wreck, an Iceland staple since 1973
Seriously – I can’t get enough of wild horses
The view down the coast from Dyrhólaey lighthouse
And the view up the coast from the Dyrhólaey lighthouse
This roaring river was just meters away from the road — all I had to do was pull off and walk over
I could sit on the banks and watch Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon all day
The weather will often change drastically just by driving around a corner, as can be seen by the swath of sun-drenched land just beyond the sea of fog
Another staple of the Icelandic countryside: lots and lots of sheep (and overprotective rams)
Somewhere in the vast northeastern reaches
For people who love random buildings in the middle of nowhere (like this one tucked away in the Westfjords), Iceland is a treasure trove
It’s tough to tell from the photo, but the car’s actually really high up a really narrow road on this mountain outside Þingeyri
One of the many sundial-compass-signposts scattered about the country, this one looking out on the Greenland Sea
Látrabjarg Cliffs, where the puffins are
Lodrangar Basalt Cliffs, where elves are said to live in the hills
This Arnarstapi lighthouse was clearly designed by Wes Anderson