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Seeing a naked man casually saunter up a lonely stretch of road is certainly one of the more memorable ways I’ve started a road trip
My first RORO (Roll On, Roll Off) ferry ride!
Curves and turns and mountain bends for days
Though beautiful, the inland Philippine landscapes tend to be somewhat repetitive — it’s tall grass and coconut trees all the way down
The coastal riding, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of interesting sights
One of the bigger ferries of the trip
Southern Luzon offered some of the most stunning stretches I’ve seen in the Philippines
Mayon volcano slumbers over Legazpi City
Cagsawa Ruins, the last remains of a 550-year-old church in the shadow of Mayon
Kali (short for "kalayaan," Tagalog for "freedom"), my valiant steed
The cliffside ride through Tiwi, north of Mayon, reminded me of a tropical Pacific Coast Highway
Just stunning beaches and sights for miles
Some sunsets you just need to pull over and admire
Unlike most other places I’ve traveled, there’s almost no such thing as “uninhabited stretches of road” in the Philippines
You never go more than a mile before seeing another home or farm or town or other manmade structure
That said, the few lonely patches of unclaimed land are pretty stunning
Even this roaring mountain river in the middle of Negros isn’t without nearby residents (note the house to the left)
Kalabaw, aka Carabao, aka Caribou, aka Water Buffalo, aka Adorbz
The whole trip took six ferry crossings (two going up, four coming back down); this was one of my most common sights on the trip