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Inverness is unbelievably pretty
I mean
Come on
Into the woods
Highland cows are adorable enough as it is, but those lopsided horns just killed me
Though not quite as iconic as the Camino’s flechas, Scotland’s trail markers are much easier to spot
90% of the Great Glen way is walking down dirt roads through forests with a loch on your left
Now for some proper hiking
This photo doesn’t even begin to show how stunning highland valleys are
I’d left the tent home for this trip, planning on hammock camping the entire hike — so while the landscapes were certainly breathtaking, the lack of trees did cause me some concern
I’m an absolute sucker for abandoned houses and other “domestic ruins,” and the highlands had plenty of them to offer
Another thing I’m a sucker for — lone houses in the middle of nowhere
Some of the only wild animals I saw all trip; Scotland's lack of wildlife was certainly a surprise
I would’ve camped here if I weren’t 100% sure it was haunted
Modern ruins
The West Highland Way had its fair share of roadside walking, but it was at least a far sight prettier
Highland cows are my favorite cows
Looking out on Loch Lomond
Sunset over Loch Lomond
Scotland is easily one of the quaintest places I’ve visited