Marie & Mary • San Diego & Bagenalstown

"I just like a challenge. And if something comes of it, more’s the better." - Marie
German • Madrid, Spain

"[To] offer a new challenge."
Zoe & Myang • Seoul, Korea

"Strength & Spirituality" – Zoe
Beau & Erin • Melbourne, Australia

"Introspection" – Beau
“Why not?” – Erin
Alex • Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA

"Walking to save the world."
Pablo & Pep • Gandia, Spain

"Desconectar del mundo." ("Disconnect from the world.") — Pablo

"El Camino engancha. El que lo hace una vez, repite." ("The Camino is addictive. Those that do it once, do it again.") — Pep
Artemi • Las Palmas, Spain

"To find peace."
Adalbert • Germany

"Lost my wife."
Antonio • Lisbon, Portugal
Anna • Vienna, Austria

"Too long, too much to say."
Lennard • Hannover, Germany

"I want to walk and it’s a great way."
Jared • Napa, California

"Have always wanted to do a long hike, saw the movie 'The Way' and knew that this was what I wanted to do."
Lisa • Dresden, Germany

"Wanted to do it for ‘bout 10 years. First time I had money / time off from everyday life."
Marcel • Hannover, Germany

"Warum nicht?" (“Why not?”)
Gerhard • Leonding, Austria

"I do the Camino to get my head and heart clear after ending my job career last June."
Eungerrand • Versailles, France

"Wanted to make a break from home and think about my plans and everything."
Daniel • Berlin, Germany

"Want to find myself, let go of people I have lost and think about where I want to go in life. Let’s start fresh!"
Nicholas • Philadelphia, USA

"I’m walking the Camino because it seemed like the right thing to do."
Sam Kessel • Dothan, Alabama

"You ask me why I’m doing this? I ask myself the same thing."
Sven Tessmann • Martinstein, Germany

"To get answers and to say goodbye to my old life and prepare for a new life."
Sammy • Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Needed a detox from life / remember things don’t need to be so complicated. Just enjoy the present."
Sarah • Marbella, Spain

"Wanted to show Sammy the Camino.”
Javier • Lleida, Catalunya

"Porque no tenia otra cosa mejor que hacer en este momento de mi vida." ("Because I didn’t have anything better to do at this moment in my life.")
Cemo • Karlsruhe, Germany

"Enjoy the freedom with nature & feel your own soul. Love. Peace. Harmony."
Simon • Tübingen, Germany

"Suche jede antwort in meinen inneren und seelen." ("I am searching every answer in myself and my soul.")
Jae • South Korea

"To listen to myself & to step out of my comfort zone."
Beki • Zaragoza, Spain

"Para encontrar mi camino en la vida y encontrarme a mi misma." ("To find my way in life and find myself.")